COVID-19 and Cancer

On March 20, as Kanawha County was announcing its first confirmed case of COVID-19, I was dealing with my own diagnosis.

Earlier that morning, my doctor had called to tell me the dime-sized lump in my right breast that he’d biopsied earlier that week was, in fact, breast cancer. Cancer is always a scary word. The thought of having cancer during a global pandemic that affects those with weakened immune systems and underlying medical problems feels like especially awful timing.

I’m documenting my story here because writing is what I do. Who knows, maybe I’ll make it into a book someday, or maybe it will become part of our collective story of this historic time. More likely, a few friends and family will read along. That’s OK, too.

Writing is what I do and all this is just fodder.

One thought on “COVID-19 and Cancer

  1. My sister received her diagnosis in October, breast cancer awareness month. She’s doing great, having to go through chemo with radiation to start this month. I pray for healing for you at this difficult time in your life. I’ll continue reading your blog. Good luck! You’ve got this! 💕


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